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The current computer is a  Dell All-In-One. The entire computer and screen comprises a single package. This saves space in the dome and eliminates a lot of interconnecting cabling. The large, wide screen allows telescope controls to be docked on the left of the screen and the planetarium presentation to be located at right. The cooling air from the computer emerges from slots at the top of the screen. USB ports are provided at the rear and left side of the computer. There are no serial ports.


The rear view shows the USB connections and the 240 V.A.C. power distribution panel  which feeds the telescopes and mount and also the computer and the peripherals on the desk. On the desk is a USB hub, a backup hard drive and a smaller hard drive containing an optional, Software Bisque set of star catalogs and all-sky-survey images. The power distribution panel has each outlet individually switched. By locating the power panel and the auxiliary low voltage D.C. plug packs required for the computer and accessories on the desk a lot of wiring is kept off the floor.

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