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The image train on the rear of the CDK 12.5 scope, looking from left to right, comprises: SBIG STXL CCD imager, SBIG eight position color filter wheel with internal guider, SBIG AO-X adaptive optic image stabilizer, Precise Parts adapter, Optec Pyxis 3 inch rotator and Planewave digital focuser. The shortest possible (custom design) adapter was necessary in order to bring images into focus after the AO-X was added.

From the rear of the FSQ106EDXIII can be seen the Takoden rotator, the FLI-ATLAS digital focuser and the full-frame Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR camera. A very short, custom design Precise Parts adapter is fitted in the image train. The FSQ106EDXIII has a wide image circle facilitating optimum use of a full-frame camera.

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